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Case Study: Global Customer Complaints Project

Industry: Healthcare

Region: Illinois, USA

The business challenge:


One of the major requirements in pharmaceutical companies is careful management of customer complaints, a process that is strictly monitored by authorities. Metronome was hired to lead the company towards a clear goal: creating a single global customer complaint solution that can serve all business units, answering diverse business requirements and handling large family record types. The company had already implemented Sparta’s TrackWise® Software QMS in selected areas of its business, and had requested to continue and use that QMS for the global customer complaints center.


The process:


The initial stages of the project required clarification of the complaint management needs and rules. The company pulled together a designated team that could provide the adequate information for that purpose, including TrackWise® Software developers, Crystal Reports developers, validation resources, business analysts, and a technical manager. Metronome’s experts joined that team on a regular basis as source of industry experience and best practices, and to advise the company in all aspects of the project. Some of these were:


  • Assessment of current TrackWise® Software Complaint solution, including workflow structure, system usability and friendliness, system configuration, automation and integration. The assessment included recommendations regarding the best solutions for the client needs.

  • Leading TrackWise® Software solution implementation, including configuration of recommended TrackWise® Software complaint processes according to agreed URS, rekeying of information into different environments . The process also included conducting dry runs during validation stages, troubleshooting and resolving issues.

  • Ensuring ongoing usability and maintenance of the global system, including optimization of report performance, redesign of complex Crystal Reports templates, reviewing FSDS reports requirements documents to ensure alignment with requirements and more.


The successful results:


The long years of experience offered by Metromone’s SME personnel – both in the healthcare industry and in implementation of TrackWise® QMS Software – proved to be of great value to the client’s project team in: 


  • Establishing & Improving the global complaint management process

    • Minimizing user activities by using automation were possible

    • Minimizing complaint workflow complexity

    • Considering system performance in terms of reports configuration


  • Implementing industry best practice solutions

    • Ensuring a positive user experience by implementing a user friendly system

    • Providing alternatives andworkarounds for every business or technical system limitation and

    • Estimating risks involved in implementing it and offering our recommended approach also

    • communicating how other companies in the industry resolved these issues/limitations


  • Ensuring a smooth implementation process

    • Offering Out-of-the-Box thinking to find the best solutions that are most suitable to the customer business requirements

    • Supporting all team members and maintaining seamless communication to meet project timelines and achieve the desired results.




Customer testimonial:


Global Information Technology Manager: "We wanted to personally thank Metronome TrackWise consultants for all the work they have done here. We very much appreciate the time they have spent helping our project teams meet the needs of our business partners. Also I know I speak for all of us when I say that it has been a pleasure working with these gentlemen. Through their skills and expertise, much has been accomplished and we have learned a good deal from them". 

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