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To make great food you must invest in great ingredients.

But the true creation is in the hands of the chef.


The same goes for QMS.

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We specialize in making your Quality Management environments great.

We know how to combine expertise, best practices and industry experience with the right system tools and processes, in order to ensure a complete, reliable, efficient and user-friendly Quality Management System. 

Metronome QMS is a Certified Partner of Sparta Systems, providing worldwide implementation services to Sparta's customers.


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In today’s highly regulated environments, such as life science, food and beverage, oil and gas and others, the need to comply with standards is vital to the success of a company. Moreover, as businesses expand across regions, there is an even stronger need to ensure global alignment with rules and regulations in order to assist companies in supporting their existing products and bringing new products to the market.


A strong and reliable Quality Management System helps companies reach those goals.


Metronome allows you to focus on your business and enjoy the benefits of a QMS, while alleviating the organizational and financial burden of developing and maintaining such systems. Our team of experts helps improving quality processes and reducing risks by working closely with our clients to successfully implement a tailor-made QMS that best suits their business needs. 

Our Team

Our team of EQMS consultants brings extensive experience and strong business and technology background to each and every project we conduct. All certified industrial engineers, they are highly experienced with Enterprise QMS applications (EQMS) such as TrackWise® Software, as well as standards and regulations in relevant industries. With their experience and know-how in relevant industry best practices they are best equipped to advise our clients on Quality Processes, like Deviations, Change Control, Customer Complaints, Audits, CAPA, OOS, EH&S, R&D, IT, Registration Tracking and more.

Heading our team of experts is Yohay Yafe, a highly experienced professional in life science industry regulations and QMS best practices, as well as in technology and QMS tools. Yohay brings to the team over 12 years of extensive skills, knowledge and working experience with complex and highly-regulated environments.

Prior to joining Metronome QMS, Yohay was part of the foundation team of Sparta-systems Europe. He gained his knowledge and skills over years of experience as senior project manager and Director of Professional Services at Sparta Systems. 

Yohay established a long-standing track record of developing global business services strategies which resulted in an ever-increasing yearly revenue of millions of dollars with significant profitability.


Yohay graduated from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) , Industrial and Management Engineering specialized with Information Systems.

"People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

They went out and happened to things."

[Leonardo da Vinci]


Adi, our founder, has created Metronome QMS Consulting by going out and making it happen.

His vision and determination, his constant strive for excellence, professionalism and quality, together with his unique personal touch and love of people, are the reasons and the foundations of our company and the values by which we operate.

His beloved memory is with us every day. 


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Our services support all aspects of the QA process:


Change Management | Complaint Management | Nonconformance | Out of Specification | Events Management | Deviation Management | CAPA's | Audits and Observations | Supplier Quality Management |SOP's Management | Training Management | Safety | Risk Management | Product Life Cycle | Registration Tracking | EH&S | IT | Clinical Trials | Equipment and Calibrations | HACCP |

Note: The company is confirmed for work in the US market via a working authorization Visa.

  • Managed Services providing outsourced management of the entire QMS environment, conducting End-to-End projects and technical support based on our team’s subject matter expertise and management capabilities.


  • Professional Services assuming consulting positions to provide subject matter expertise, working in cooperation with the client’s team.


  • Hourly or retainer work providing ongoing maintenance of an existing QMS and supporting the client’s QM staff and end users.

Our services can be provided in different levels, according to the client need:


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Metronome QMS Consulting

10/2 Uriel Ofek St.

Herzliya, Israel  4647008


Tel:       +972 73 752 9990


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